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© © Milos Bicanski / WWF-UK

Seafood is one of the most traded food commodities worldwide. We want to create the conditions for responsible and sustainable fishing in the Adriatic Sea as the future scenario for the health and wellbeing of both humans and the environment.


For more than a thousand years fishing has been an important part of our culture in the Adriatic. As a consequence of irresponsible and unsustainable lifestyles, though, we are witnessing a serious decline in ocean health and productivity.

More than 80% of fish stocks in the Mediterranean have been overfished, rising to 93% within EU waters. The risk is that from an abundant source of life our sea becomes a barren stretch of water.

Irrational exploitation driven by increased fleet capacity, illegal and unregulated fishing, and catches of unwanted species – combined with climate change and pollution – are setting the scenario for the collapse of stocks.This would have disastrous consequences for people and the environment, with severe consequences for coastal communities.

Did you know?

Sardines and anchovies are the most important species in the food chain of the Adriatic sea. Yet, they are severely threatened due to overfishing.

© Antonio Busiello / WWF-US

We work to drive positive change across the full spectrum of the seafood supply chain from governments to fisheries and seafood suppliers to consumers and civil society organisations.

We want to bring together all stakeholders to work on a shared vision for a thriving Adriatic by bringing identified key species back to healthy levels for society, the environment and the economy.

Consumers are very important for our work. We are working to increase awareness throughout the Adria region of the importance of sustainable seafood consumption, of consumer purchasing power and people’s ability to influence the seafood industry to shift towards sustainable sources.


By making more responsible and sustainable choices you can affect the future of our seas and the people who depend on them. Check our Seafood Guide, make the right choices and help our oceans thrive again.


Chef Ana Grgic, our seafood ambassador, at the source of the scampi she will use for her magnificent dishes.

© Petra Pocanic