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Adoption certificate
You can personalize the certificate with your own message see what it looks like. You can write your own message on the certificate for yourself or for someone else!
When the certificate will arrive?
You decide it. Do you want to buy a Christmas gift weeks in advance? You can do it and set the date you want the person to receive the gift. It’s a very last-minute gift and you need to send it soon? Just do it. It’s also immediate.
The gift is the certificate?
Yes, basically you’re donating for our living planet and animals. And you’re dedicating your donation to someone else.
The certificate contains your message and some information about the animal.
Am I adopting these species in the wild?
You are making a symbolic adoption of your selected species, giving a gift that inspires others and help protect our living planet. Your donation will be used to support WWF Adria global conservation efforts. You can read about our efforts here.
Why Adoption is symbolic?
WWF Adria helps endangered animals by working on immediate threats to animal conservation and saving the environment in which the animals live. WWF does not single out individual animals, or families, for adoption.  Your donation is directed to field programs to support science, research, and animal study.  The adoption is symbolic in the sense that many animals benefit from your generous support.
One-time or recurring adoption donation
WWF animal adoptions are symbolic and based on a one-time-only donation.  Additional donations may be made to adopt other animals. If you want to donate monthly you can do it here.

Can I pay for adoption with an offline payment?
Unfortunately not, this option is not available yet. You can make a donation by bank account:
WWF Adria
Zagreb, Croatia
BAN: HR7423600001502248999
Please specify your name and surname and email address, we want to stay in touch with you!
How long will my adoption last?
You're donating by one-off payment by credit card, your adoption will last for a year and you'll receive an invite to renew your adoption for another year.
Can I adopt an animal if I don't live in Croatia?
Yes, you can, but only by making a one-off payment.
Will I receive updates about my adopted animal?
We will send you news about our work in the field. Invitation to events and special news!
How is my adoption money spent?
Our planet’s wildlife is rapidly disappearing and money from adoptions helps us protect some of our most important species from direct threats such as hunting or poaching, as well as indirect ones like habitat loss and climate change. Money from adoptions support our work, in Adria, together with our partners, we are building awareness on the necessity for the coexistence of people with wildlife, maintaining a precious balance. Another major threat to that balance is wildlife crime and we are doing our best to stop it.
What is your refund policy?
Usually, to refund donations is not a common request. But we understand there may be instances where it is necessary. For example, if a duplicate adoption has been set-up in error or a credit/debit card has been used fraudulently.
As part of our Supporter care policy, we engage with supporters with empathy and understanding, developing lasting, loyal and trusted relationships. So, if you do need to discuss your donation, e-mail us at donacije@wwfadria.org and our friendly Supporter Care team will be happy to have a chat, see what’s happened and do our best to resolve it for you.