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COP26: Every Climate Promise Must Be Kept

Ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, WWF invites citizens to join the #WeWontForget campaign and remind our leaders that every climate promise must be kept

Urgent implementation of more efficient policies and measures, and keeping all climate promises they made, are the two key demands WWF has from the world leaders ahead of COP26.

COP26 is this year's UN Climate Conference, held at Glasgow from October 31st to November 12th. Government representatives from all over the world are meeting there with the goal to define joint policies and measures in response to the climate crisis and make a plan on how they will fulfil the promises made at many previous meetings, summed up in the Paris Agreement from 2015.

By starting to implement more efficient and ambitious actions, and directing the UN negotiations towards a singular goal – limiting global warming to an average 1,5°C – we can avoid the more devastating effects of climate change on nature and people. COP26 may be the last opportunity to slow down climate change, for the world leaders to reach an agreement and keep the climate promises they made”, says WWF Adria CEO Nataša Kalauz

WWF defined five key priorities that urgently need to be met by leaders at COP26. These are accelerated decarbonization, acting on nature-based solution To su ubrzano smanjenje emisija ugljen dioksida, primenjivanje rešenja zasnovanih na prirodi, providing urgent help for nature and people so they can adapt, financing the future and efficient implementation of policies and measures aimed at mitigating climate change.

Governments in the region need to act immediately. The Balkans are very vulnerable to climate change and sensitive to global warming. Average temperatures grew by 1,2ºC, and further warming is expected from 1,7 to 4°C, depending on the local and international steps taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years.

Ahead of COP26, countries were expected to provide improved and more ambitious NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions). WWF NDC Checklist has the goal to follow their progress, encourage best practices, identifies difficulties and highlights those falling behind. COP26 is an important opportunity for governments, companies and other key players to show they're ready to keep every climate promise made.

This is why WWF is calling upon the public to join the #WeWontForget campaign and remind our leaders that we will not forget their promises about goals and concrete measures, adapting and mitigating in response to climate change, and that all of these need to align with new global ambitions. 

Climate change is the biggest problem humanity is facing today, and to solve it, we need to work together. This is precisely why I joined the WWF climate projects in Serbia. However, it's the governments that need to take the lead. What I expect from COP26 are concrete measures that will be implemented in most countries as soon as possible. We do need plans, but what's more important is their implementation, because we're running out of time”, says Minja Parabucki, WWF Adria youth initiative representative.

That we're running out of time is something we need to remind our leaders as well, which each of us can do right now. Every voice makes a difference: https://www.wwfadria.org/get_involved/cop26_every_climate_promise_must_be_kept/

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