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COP26: World leaders promise to stop deforestation and to restore our forests

WWF welcomes the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use announcement today and urges action and implementation of commitment.

More than 100 leaders from all over the world have pledged to stop deforestation and land degradation and enable their restoration by 2030, according to a declaration made yesterday at UN Climate Conference (COP26). This will be achieved by supporting sustainable development, involving the rural population and introducing good economic practices. 

The declaration also predicts an investment of $12 billion from public funds in forest protection and restoration programs, with an additional $7.2 billion in private investments.

Forests are ecosystems crucial for the well-being of people, economies and societies. They not only store and process carbon dioxide but are also guardians of biodiversity. Still, they are disappearing at an alarming rate. That is why this declaration is significant: it is making its leaders to recognize the importance of forests and other natural ecosystems, commit to implement the measures to strengthen sustainable agriculture, more efficient forest and land managing, with additional funding and transparent management, as well as effective punishment of corruption.

The Balkan Peninsula still has widespread and preserved forest ecosystems that provide numerous benefits to humans and nature. Unfortunately, pressures such as deforestation, forests conversion and exploitation seriously disrupt the condition of our forests. In the upcoming period, it is necessary to significantly change our relations towards forests, increase investment in their restoration and drastically reduce pressures to ensure the long-term survival of these ecosystems, crucial for us.

WWF calls on governments to add ambitious goals and deadlines to these promises of forest and land use. Leaders should also present a common transparent framework for monitoring and verifying the progress. There is no time to lose.  Action is a key to achieving results that will ensure the future for nature and people. 

You too can send a clear message to our leaders and remind them that this promise, and all others, have to be fulfilled. Give your voice for climate – #WeWontForget.

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