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Tražimo konsultanta za izradu studije pravedne tranzicije

Konkurs je otvoren do 24. Decembra 2021. godine.

WWF Adria traži konsultanta/konsultantkinju za izradu studije pravedne tranzicije. Ukoliko se prepoznajete u opisu posla, pošaljite svoju ponudu, CV, i predlog metodologije (na maksimalno 2 stranice) do 24. Decembra 2021. godine.  

Opis posla pročitajte u nastavku:                                                                      

Title:                                  Just Transition in Serbia - consultant

Location:                           Serbia

Duration:                           December 2021– March 2022.

Type of contract:             Consultancy

Application deadline:      24. 12. 2021.
WWF is one of the world’s leading non-governmental and non-profit nature conservation organizations. WWF was established in 1961, and now has representative offices in over 100 countries across the globe, with approximately 6200 employees. WWF is proud of the over five million people who support the organization. 
WWF Adria implements the mission and vision of the WWF in the 8 countries of the Western Balkans. In Serbia, we are implementing the “Panda Labs Junior for Just Transition” project, funded by EUKI. 

The concept of “just transition” enables the transition to a low-carbon economy in a responsible and accountable manner by caring for people who lose their income, especially workers in the energy and coal industry. The project seeks to establish a strong community of young green innovators and entrepreneurs, creating conditions to reduce emigration from key coal regions by developing the innovation culture for Just Transition and Climate Change issues and provoking political and societal change on local and national level. Project will mobilize and empower youth (ages 15 – 25) to engage in policy advocacy on Just Transition by offering alternative ‘green’ economic development scenarios for coal regions. Project location in Serbia is the Obrenovac region.

Objective of the Consultancy

The objective of this assignment is to conduct a study on the potentialities of just transition in the country, focusing on the Obrenovac region as a case study.

The consultancy is specifically expected to contribute with the:
  1. Gap analysis of just transition potential in Serbia based on the current situation in the coal regions and the legal framework, as well as recommendations for addressing those gaps;
  2. SWOT analysis of the socio-economic challenges of the just transition in Serbia;
  3. Concept for social and just transition in Obrenovac region based on green economy (case study to serve as basis for youth engagement).
Duties and Responsibilities of the consultant include:
  • Assess current state and prospects for the coal industry in Serbia;
  • Map and evaluate existing energy transition in Serbia;
  • Identify the main stakeholders (decision makers) and analyse decision making processes with regards to just transition;
  • Identify and recommend existing and potential sources of funding for innovative, green solutions;
  • Present recommendations for local and national level on just transition;
  • Provide policy and practical recommendations (with potential advocacy actions to be taken) on how to achieve social and just transition;
  • Map and evaluate potential for green economy in Obrenovac region; 
  • Present possible scenarios for alternative economic activities in Obrenovac region;
  • Present solutions to the problems related to the transition from the coal industry to a sustainable economy.
The consultancy is envisioned primarily as desk research, but interviews with relevant stakeholders are highly encouraged.


The consultancy shall deliver a concise narrative report consisting of two main chapters: 
  1. Just transition in Serbia - opportunities, challenges, and recommendations;
  2. Implementing just transition in the Obrenovac region - pathways to sustainable development. 
The content of each chapter of the final report should ensure to answer to the objective of the consultancy, in a structure deemed most suitable by the consultant. 

The report can be developed either in Serbian or in English language; in case the full report will be in Serbian language, then it is necessary to prepare an executive summary in English language.

  • Prepare and submit a draft report to WWF for feedback by 20th February 2022
  • Prepare a final report (in publishable quality) incorporating feedback by 30th March 2022.

 Required skills, Qualifications and Experience
  • Thorough knowledge of latest trends in sustainable development, green economy, just transition and/or conservation practices;
  • Experience of conducting feasibility studies, policy analysis and formulating recommendations, in topics relevant for the bid;
  • Experience working in Western Balkans region, understating the socio-economic and political context; knowledge specific to Serbia is an added value;
  • Fluency in English or Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian language;
  • Excellent writing skills.

Interested applicants are invited to submit their bids by email to mmiric@wwfadria.org by 24th December 2021, with the subject line “Just transition consultancy bid”.

The bids should include following
  • CV of principal researcher(s) with references demonstrating track record that matches requirements and qualifications;
  • Breakdown of total cost offered in the bid;
  • Outline of proposed methodology (maximum 2 pages, bullet-point format).
Maximum gross total fee for the contract is 6,000.00 EUR.

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